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Cullen and Kouyaté | A tale of contrasting passion

Vintage Kouyate — Stevie “WHU” Sizzle (@TheSullis) January 7, 2018 It was a disgraceful effort from a player who clearly didn’t fancy a cold, tough cup clash. He exhibited no passion whatsoever, which I found extremely disheartening even as a neutral. Thankfully, there was an impressive showing of passion from another of the Hammers’ midfielders. Republic of Ireland u21 captain Josh Cullen impressed for the Irons, and showed that passion isn’t dead yet after an ugly incident in the second half. The 21 year old was kicked in the face accidentally by Shrewsbury opponent Abu Ogogo when going for a header, and his tooth flew out of his mouth on impact. It was a sickening collision, and Cullen was escorted off the pitch for treatment, as a member of the West Ham medical team scampered on to the pitch to pick up the young midfielder’s tooth. However, the Cullen was insistent that he wanted to return to play, and came back on once his wound had been patched up.
Ouch!! West Ham’s Josh Cullen loses a tooth! — Tim Shires (@timshires) January 7, 2018 He returned to the pitch with a bloodied mouth and a grimace, and threw himself back into the action, as the commentator revealed that his tooth was resting in a mug in the away dressing room. His determination and commitment will have gone down well extremely well with the West Ham management team and supporters alike, particularly in light of the other indifferent performers around him. His bravery should be rewarded with a place in West Ham’s squad for their next Premier League clash, even at the expense of Kouyaté. Fans want to see players who will give their blood, sweat and tears for their club, and Cullen showed he was up to the task today. You can’t put a price on passion. Modern football needs more Cullen’s, and fewer Kouyaté’s.
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