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GAA | Six new camogie rules to be trialled in 2020

📢 Trial Playing Rules set for introduction in 2020 National League ➡ — Camogie Association (@OfficialCamogie) December 4, 2019

Rules in full:

  1. Contact A player may now use minimal contact on an opponent’s body from side-on, once they are making a reasonable effort to gain possession of the ball.2. Persistent Fouling A player who is now deemed to be persistently fouling another player (two deliberate fouls) will be given a “tick” by the referee. If that player commits one more foul, it will merit a yellow card. 3. Quick Puck-out The referee will now blow the whistle once only, to signal a wide/score and from that moment the sliotar is back in play and the goalkeeper is free to restart the game via a puck-out from the correct position. 4. Free from the hand A player will now have the option to take a free from their hand if they are fouled inside her own 45-metre line. Only the player that is fouled can take the free from the hand and it is an indirect free. 5. Dropping the Hurley and Hand-pass Goal (Rules 9.6.i. and 9.6.f) Players will now no longer be permitted to drop the hurley intentionally. In addition, players may no longer score a goal by hand-passing the sliotar into the net. Players may still score a point by hand-passing the ball over the bar. 6. Penalty and 20-metre free (Rules 11.2 and 11.3) A penalty must be struck from on or outside the 20-metre line but not inside it. In addition, only one defending player may stand on the goal-line during a penalty and shall not move towards the 20m-metre line before the ball has been struck.

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