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The Day's Finest

There is a lot brewing at The Season Ticket and our readers can expect increased content and engagement in the coming months.

In one of several new regular features, at the end of each day we will be providing a round-up of the finest available sportswriting that day, hence - The Day's Finest.

The idea is simple, to allow yourself to indulge in the best sportswriting that the team here have come across; by chance or design on any given day. Allowing our readers to peruse, like an á la carte menu for the couch. Or bed. Or bath. You get the point though.

Our passion is sport, and our affection for high-quality written content, is something we want to share with our readers.

In a saturated market of content, we are happy to present in one place, those pieces that connect with us, and that we believe may well do the same for you.

Paul Fennessy of always has a sharp eye for original content. Today's nostalgic interview with former Dundalk player Mick Fairclough about the time Liverpool came to Oriel Park, is layered and engaging in equal measure.

Some interviews you have to stick with; this one sticks with you.

In today's Irish Times, Dave Hannigan crafts a typically elegant piece on his childhood home. Fusing the warmest of sporting memories, with a home that allowed him to have his own dreams.

An accessible, carefully woven piece of writing, that can only leave you feeling warm inside.

We will be casting our net wide in search of the best content, but that is not to ignore some of the fine writers available on our doorstep.

A fusion of both, and we will soon have the balance right, and the sportswriting that we believe will round off your day in that most satisfying of manners.

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