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GAA | Larry McCarthy confirmed as new GAA president

Larry McCarthy has been elected as the Gaelic Athletic Association's 40th president.

New Yorker McCarthy has won a dramatic vote at GAA Congress, seeing off the competition of Jarlath Burns to become the GAA's first overseas president.

The Cork native, who emigrated to New York in 1985, will take over from John Horan next year.

McCarthy won the vote on the fourth count, having initially trailed Burns by 17 votes after the first count, which saw candidates Jerry O'Sullivan and Mick Rock eliminated.

Armagh's Burns and McCarthy both had 110 votes after three rounds of counting, but the addition of Jim Bolger’s votes got McCarthy past the quota of 139.

McCarthy has served on the New York county board for nine years; six as secretary, and three as chairman. He is also affiliated with the Sligo club in the Big Apple.

In 2018, he was elected onto the GAA’s Management Committee, and also served on Central Council for three years.

The Congress also passed a motion which will prevent players from passing the ball back to goalkeepers from kickouts.

“This motion proposes a rule amendment that any player who receives a kick-out cannot pass it back to his goalkeeper. The penalty proposed for a breach of this rule would be a free-kick awarded to the opposition from the position the goalkeeper receives the pass, or if the goalkeeper is inside the 13m line when in receipt of the pass the free will be from the 13m line opposite where the foul occurs.”

A motion to end the role of the maor foirne failed to pass.

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